Ready to pull the trigger on a new antenna (attic?). Looking for confirmation of decision.

TVFool report:

Mostly just care about the big 4 (CBS/NBC/FOX/ABC). I’ve tried [this one]( in a large window near TV, facing East, and also tried moving it to an upstairs window facing South (connected via coax on 2nd floor, through attic, down to basement then back up to 1st floor TV), using the included amplifier, and it still can’t pick up ABC, CBS or NBC. Only FOX and about 7-9 other random ones.

So I’m considering trying the attic mount solution using the same coax connection I tried for the 2nd floor attempt with the window unit, but terminating it in attic instead of 2nd floor. No outlet in attic so probably won’t be using an amplifier.

[This]( is generally what the wiring would be like. I’m assuming it wouldn’t help to put an amplifier in the basement (probably the only place I could potentially find an outlet).

Considering this one, based on reviews:

Thoughts, overall, of this solution?

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